Rb23. One Of 10 Best Houses In Poland In 2022

FUNCTION: Single family house
LOCATION: near Warsaw

PROJECT YEAR: 2017-2019


ARCHITECT: mgr arch. Paweł Lis

CONSTRUCTOR: mgr inż. Daniel Chmiel

PHOTO: Radek Gałczyński

Can the modern 300 meters house aspire to be a residence? Of course it can!- Paweł Lis, an architect answers. Exemple of such residence is our realization- RB23 house.

This house is not monumental and multi-storey with a driveway for several cars, nor does it have a heated swimming pool in the garden. RB23 is a light and dynamic architecture composed of three rectangular solids. Each of them has been covered with a clinker tile and has a different function. It was built in a small forest village near Warsaw.

On the eastern side, in the farthest cuboid has been located a two-car garage with a wide driveway. The second block on the ground floor (parallel to the road) hides a daily zone, which is entered through a glass vestibule, preceded by an alley made of large-format architectural concrete slabs.

Upon entering the house, there is a view of a spacious living room with a fireplace, a dining room and an open kitchen with an island.

On the other side of the corridor there is a cabinet, a guest room, a large wardrobe and a toilet.

Both zones are divided by a single-flight stairs freely resting on the first floor. The openwork structure and glass railing give them lightness. The ground floor is 3 m high and there are no concrete girders above the window openings. Thanks to this, the windows cut the wall from the floor to the ceiling.

From the living room through sliding HS windows you can go to the outdoor terrace. Here is a real relax area. Under the overhanging balcony there is a view over the garden. You can admire it while sitting on comfortable sofas.

Instead of a large indoor pool, we have a heated pool module with a jacuzzi. It was set in a platform made of exotic wood. A roofed annex has been designed next to it, which serves as a summer dining room. The sound system is hidden in the insulation of the external roof. From the rest area there is a view of the orderly forest greenery. In addition to perennial pines and oaks, there are plantings of junipers, yews and barberries. Lavender and catnip protect against mosquitoes.

The third cuboid constituting the first floor of the building was placed on the solids of the ground floor and is the most characteristic element of the entire project. From the entrance side, its facade was cut with a long narrow window, which was pushed deep into the wall. The effect was emphasized by diagonal walls framed in a ceramic narrow frame of the facade.

The first floor is a zone intended only for household members. There are two children's rooms with a bathroom, a parents' bedroom with a bathroom and a dressing room, and a laundry room. From the rooms you can go out to the balcony, which at the same time is a roof for the outdoor relax area.

In addition to standard installations, the house has recuperation, underfloor heating and an intelligent light management system.

Large-format windows are made in the aluminum joinery system, the facade is made of clinker tiles, and the driveway and pavements are finished with architectural concrete slabs.

This almost three-hundred-meter house with a two-car garage, its ascetic appearance and function it contains, as well as a forest garden with an intimate swimming pool and a relax zone, deserves to be called a small boutique residence.




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